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Pada Forum PBB Di Swiss Bupati Jember Faida Paparkan Program HAM

SWISS – Bupati Jember, dr. Hj. Faida, MMR tidak ada persiapan khusus yang dilakukan selama di Swiss. Sebab materi pemaparan dalam diskusi yang bakal dia sampaikan, sejatinya sudah dilakukan di Jember selama dia menjabat bupati.

“Apa yang sudah kami kerjakan, kami sampaikan di forum Internasional itu,” katanya.

Berikut paparan yang disampaikan pada forum PBB di Swiss :


Theme : Inequality of social and economic rights of groups in vulnerable situation; migrants, refugees, minorities and others
Ms. Faida Regent of Jember

Best wishes for all of us .

To the honor, Ms. Kate Glimore of UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights,
To the honor, Ms. Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of UCLG,
To the honor, Mr. Lee Yong-seop, Mayor of Gwangju, Republic of Korea and Co-president of the Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights Committee (UCLG),
To the honor, Mr. Patrick Braouezec, President of Plaine Commune, Grand Paris, France dan Co-president of the UCLG,
To the honor, Ms. Michelle Maziar, Director, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, Atlanta
To the honor, Mr. Abdoulaye Thimbo, Mayor of Pikine, Senegal
To the honor, resource persons
And also all guests and dialog participants.
To initiate this speech, on behalf of myself and the Local Government of Jember Regency, I would like to say thank you very much to Office of the United Nations High Commisioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for inviting me to this meeting as a delegation of United Cities and Local Government (UCLG). I would also like to say thank you for all facilities given. This invitation is something that we can never forget and we regard it as an honor for us to attend and visit Swiss with its all beautiful scenery.
It is our policy and our efforts to institutionalize Human Rights City in City of Jember. I have personally responsible to ensure that all programs and public services in line and implemented with the policy. With the rise inequality, intolerance and extremism in Indonesia, the Human Rights City in my view will strongly defend and maintained Indonesia pluralism and universal citizenship and Inclusivenes as required by our 1945 Constitution.

1) Description of the context: What is the main challenge faced in Jember?
 The inequality of chances for having jobs for the poor, the women, the diffable and also the natural disaster victims.

2) Solutions and good practices: How does Jember Regency address the issue? Please share the example of the most relevant practice/policy/project in your city

1st issue The inequality of chances for having jobs for the poor, the women, the diffable, the productive elderly and the natural disaster victims
The addressing of the main issue is conducted comprehensively by using three approaches, which are regulation, managerial, and education.

I. Opportunity Gap Work
The large number of new investments in Jember does not guarantee the employment opportunities of Jember people

1. Local Government of Jember Regency Policy Number 2 2018 concerning Employment and Protection For Local Workers has been made to provide solutions for the job seekers who have Jember Regency Identity Card and not recruiting workers from other companies in Jember. Participants of job vacancies are required to have the Job Seeker Card issued by Employment Department for free;
2. The Decree of the Regent of Jember concerning the allocation of receipt of the State Civil Apparatus states that 1% of the formation needed is for the diffable who have the needed competency.

1. Job Market fair activities are usually dominated by male job vacancies and male job seekers, therefore a special and marketable Job Market Fair is created to overcome employment opportunities. In 2018 for Women and Disabled Job Markets Fair there were 662 vacancies consisting of 554 job opportunities for women and 72 job vacancies for disabled people;
2. Recruitment facilitation of 5000 job seekers for companies in Jember. Recruitment is carried out to help large companies before operating get Jember workers Nation ID. Facilities during the recruitment process include air-conditioning rooms, tables, chairs and providing population administration services and the creation of free on-the-spot work cards (yellow cards). Many protested “why the Jember district government facilitated large companies?”. I replied “that I was facilitating the small people of job seekers who were also entitled to state building facilities.”

E commerce trainning for micro enterpreneurs womens.

II. Protection for Local Products
1. MoU’s made by employers/applicants for business/investment permit are required to use local workers who have Jember Regency Identity Card, use local product of Jember in their operations, and use the existing building material product of Jember, like cement, sand, stone, brick, tile, wood, etc. They are required to recruit worker from the diffable at least 1% of the total workers. They are also required to build public facilities which are accessible for the diffable, like ram, toilet for the diffable, wheel chair availability, special counter for the diffable, special parking space for the diffable, etc.
2. MoU with all Modern Store / Retail Entrepreneurs by requiring a minimum of 30% of items sold to be local Jember products, if not fulfilled the operational permit is not extended

1. Assisting people’s traditional stalls to be able to compete with modern store/retail by forming 1000 networked people’s stall and 1000 networked coffee stall through stall rehabilitation assistance with the designed entrusted to Jember architects who are members of Indonesian Architect Association and providing shelves/storefronts, scales, and cash machines. The networked people’s stalls sell 17 basic materials from local products, including rice, sugar, coffee, chocolate, tea, flour, oil, noodle, fruit, vegetable, etc.
2. Jember is a producer of robusta and arabica coffee. There are 1000 networked coffee shops that are provided with the help of coffee maker equipment including: gridder machines, expresso and Vietnamese drip makers and improvements to the design of coffee shops.
3. Construction service procurement of the Local Government of Jember requires partners to use local product of Jember, including brick, sand, cement, tile, wood, etc.
4. Products of MSME by the elderly and the diffable become official partners for the Local Government activity, including catering, traditional snack, dry food, handicraft, souvenir, etc.
5. Providing business capital to MSME entrepreneurs through People’s Business Credit program from the Government Banks for a minimum of Rp. 1.000.000,00 until Rp. 25.000.000 per entrepreneur with the realization target for the year of 2019 as many as 25.000 MSME.


1. Training of simple Financial Administration for 1000 owners of networked people’s stalls by accountants at Jember;
2. Training for 1000 baristas of networked people’s stalls;
3. Coaching clinic for the local MSME product in order to be directly selected by Modern Store/Retail and the Local Government will help to provide the lack of requirements, including packaging improvement and business permit;

Regulation of Pregnant Women, Stunting Toddlers, Elderly and Disabled

1. Jember Regency Regional Regulation Number 7 of 2016 concerning Fulfillment and Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2. Regent Regulation Number 69 of 2017 concerning Implementing Regulations of Jember Regency Number 7 of 2016 concerning Fulfillment and Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
3. 637 disabled people with Jember KTP get Free health insurance along with their families, scholarships, tuition fees with living expenses every month in all State and Private Universities throughout Indonesia.
4. 2,645 elderly people (aged over 60 years) with Jember KTP receive free health insurance through the Jember Regent Decree;
5. The Regional Government conducts a House Surgery program for the poor for 683 houses in 2017 and 713 houses in 2018

Managerial of Pregnant Women, Stunting Toddlers, Elderly and Disabled
1. Provide assistance in providing artificial hands and feet for 236 difabels to get better employment opportunities.
2. The regent provides regional rice welfare assistance for the elderly, food catering for 100 elderly people, 3 times a day. Grant assistance for 155 organizations from 240 Karang Werda in Kab. Jember: Through the Village Fund Allocation Rp.6,000,000 is budgeted for the interests and empowerment of parents
3. The regent hands over food and livestock assistance to as many as 12,698 poor families
4. Ten thousand six hundred pregnant women and their families get free health insurances from the Local Government of Jember.
5. Stunting toddlers and their families get health insurances and access to clean water.
6. The Regent develops a drinking water distribution system in 4 sub districts with the total cost of Rp. 2,36 M for 1.071 householders ; builds 13 clean water facilities with the total budget of Rp. 3,73 M for 807 householders ; builds clean water facilities in 33 locations with the total budget of Rp. 9,58 M for 1.105 householders. The Regent also holds Congress of Drinking Water by realizing drinking water connections from the local company for free for 4.000 householders with the criteria: Poor families, Pregnant Women, Families with stunting toddlers, The Elderly, and The Diffable.

Education of Pregnant Women, Stunting Toddlers, Elderly and Disabled
Regulation of Social Inequality
1. Providing college scholarships to 7.500 college students of 3 and 4 years Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, and Doctorate Degree who are the children of pedicab drivers, farmers, reading Quran teacher, Early Childhood Education teacher, labour, Maternal and Child Health Service cadres, orphans, and the diffable;
2. Providing scholarship for 1.500 Technology, ICT teachers, Vocational students of ICT major, State Civil Apparatus of the Local Government of Jember and general citizens to attend a digital talent course.
3. 12,800 Poor Students get tuition fees every month. For elementary school students Rp. 1.2 million for living expenses, and tuition fees of Rp. 240,000 / year, and public / private junior high school students each get Rp. 300,000 / year
4. 7000 Poor students get tuition fees and living expenses through selection. Valid in all Universities in Indonesia, both Domestic and Private.
5. Providing Employment Assurance for 3,184 Non-Permanent Teachers; 2,884 PAUD Teachers, Kindergarten and Playgroups; 317 Parking Builders; 277 City and Village Transport Drivers

Regulations for Refugees, Migrant Workers and Minority Groups
1. Victims of natural disasters in Kabupaten Jember or Victims of Natural Disasters from other Districts (Earthquake and Tsunami in Palu and Lombok Earthquake) who fled / chose to return to Jember received population administration services, including transfers that were managed by the Government of Jember Regency. Automatic refugee students and students get tuition fees and college scholarships.
2. The Government of Jember Regency through the Regional Disaster Management Agency also provided packages of blankets, clothes, mukena, and school uniforms
3. Many countries only see the problems of migrant workers from legal and illegal spectacles, many countries accept illegal migrant workers and work there as if they are legal and new will be disastrous when problems occur.
4. Many countries do not provide an adequate portion of the budget to resolve the problem of migrant workers in recipient countries, especially illegal migrant workers. The Jember regency allocates a budget of 1 billion rupiah to solve the problem of migrant workers abroad, among others, to take care of the return of the bodies of illegal Indonesian workers in Malaysia
5. The District Head issues Decree No: 188.45 / 532 / 1.12 / 2017 concerning the establishment of an integrated team handling social conflicts such as the Syi’ah conflict in Puger District, the rejection of HTI.

Managerial for Refugees and Migrant Workers

1. Providing protection to families of migrant workers and children of migrant workers who are members of the Tanoker community
2. Facilitating the establishment of a Migrant Workers’ Conscious Village (Desbumi) in Wuluhan District and Ledokombo District

Weblink of the actions and / or projects / policies:
CISDP comment: feel free to share a web link or annex document if you want to provide more information on the project or on the specific action you presented.
do not hesitate to share web links or additional documents if you want to provide more information about the Municipality project or the specific actions you are presenting

3) What is the role of local governments regarding the promotion and protection of Human Rights?
1. Carry out the international Human Rights Festival in 2019 (two thousand and nineteen) in Jember Regency with the theme: Regional development with social justice and attention to local culture
2. Promote the practice of fulfilling human rights in jember at the forum of the city of HAM, Gwangju, Korea;
3. Promoting the Productive Migrant Workers Village represented by the village head of Dukuhdempok in the Swiss Chateau
4. Jember Fashion Carrnaval (JFC) is the third best fashion carnival in the world. And in 2019 JFC will promote the theme “Refugee”. This event will be totally one defile refugee Jember local talents.

CISDP comment: Why is Jember interested in defending human rights?

Hopefully, this is what I can say on this occasion. Thank you for all my attention, apologize for all the shortcomings and we look forward to welcoming you to Jember at the Human Rights Festival in November 2019.
So much. thank you


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